Spicy tripe for appetizer

Submitted by enr on 16 Nov 2009
1 kg well cooked tripe
300 g marinated mushrooms
80 g butter
150 g cheese
1 tsp cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper
Spicy tripe for appetizer
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The butter is melted in a pan. Tripe cut into strips, mushrooms into chunks and put in greased pan. Sprinkle spices are sprinkled cheese and bake until golden.
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16 Nov 2009


Tripe, wishes for love and dream for our white and pure tripe recipe is very good, I can not do it. I live in a country where the tripe is sold with all the dirt. Typical questions I knew someone how clean tripe home

Yes Steph paunch is rub the lime-kirech postoyava five minutes and wash under running water recipe is great

Let's cheers with this tasty appetizer :) And much we love tripe, but this way I do. And it will try.

I loved the recipe. Bravo for the idea! Goes to Favorites!

It seems to me interesting recipe and I will try.

And I grabbed it to favorites and tonight on the table mezentsee! Bravo for the idea!

Much yummy! Before you put it in the oven added in each pot in 1l. chutney and 1l. mayonnaise. Caloric, but inhuman delicious!