Sponge cake of minced meat in a halogen oven

Submitted by enr on 14 Nov 2011
500 g minced meat
1 cup peas
2 boiled eggs
2 boiled carrots (or pickled)
2 skinless sausages (100 g ham)
2 boiled potatoes
100 g tomatoes
4 pickles
salt and spices to taste
100 g cheese
# For the mushroom sauce :
3 tbsp sunflower oil
sterilized mushrooms 1 jar (314 g)
1 tbsp flour
1 dafafinov sheet
Sponge cake of minced meat in a halogen oven
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To add minced meat peas, chopped eggs, pickles, carrots, skinless sausages, tomatoes. Potatoes can chop them finely or grate in large pieces grater and add in minced meat. Season with salt and spices to taste and knead fine mince. Greased with sunflower oil and sprinkle with breadcrumbs suitable for oven cake pan and put the minced meat as nice squeezing it to thicken. Sprinkle with bread crumbs and put in the bottom of the halogen oven BBQ for 50 minutes at 180C. Then remove and turn in an adequate oven tray and put again to bake for 15 minutes at 180C. Grate cheese grater in large pieces or cut it into thin slices and arrange on top of the cake. Bake for 5 minutes at 180C and remove. Optional can pour the cake with mushroom sauce and bake another 5 minutes to 200C. Mushroom sauce: In a pan heat the oil and fry the flour a few minutes, pour the mushrooms together with the juice, which have been and mix with wire nice. Add black pepper and bay leaf and try to taste, if the sauce is savory replenish 1/3 cup water and mix (optional can put 1 tbsp white wine). Simmer 1 minute and remove from heat. You can pour the entire cake with the sauce or cutting the cake serving pieces flights with mushroom sauce. * cake can be baked in a conventional oven while baking to full readiness to jump extra browning - pay, which is given to the halogen oven.
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14 Nov 2011
recipe of petqanabel (Petya Slavcheva) group on Facebook


is wonderful - again happy with vkusnotiyki

How do you turn the cake? Do not stick to the bottom of the pan?

Ivka turn carefully cake form and he slips into the baking pan, as seen in the picture is quite full.