Tahan halva

Submitted by enr on 09 Feb 2010
280 g sugar
100 ml water
juice of 1/2 lemon or 1/4 tsp citric acid
340 g tahini
essence optional - vanilla, coffee, chocolate, cardamom etc.
cut roasted nuts - optional
Tahan halva
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Water, sugar and lemon juice is placed in a pot and heated to 115c - that is for 10-15 minutes. It is best to monitor the temperature with a thermometer pastry, if you do not have a thermometer - a drop of syrup placed in a container with cold water should be soft and after removal from the water flattens for a few seconds. While tahanat heated syrup is placed in a suitable container and passaged to mix - if you feel that you can mix well with shaking or stirring the pot with a spoon, then do not blend, but often needs a serious scuffle. Tahan then warmed to 50C - or low heat, stirring or in a microwave. If you put nuts, put them in Tahan, to warm him. When the syrup reaches 115c is removed from the heat, add the optional essence and mix well. The syrup is then poured into Tahan and mix well. The hot mixture is poured into a box, covered with baking paper or in small bowls. Allow to cool to room temperature, then cloud the tightly with a lid or wrap with fresh oil and fsunflower halvata put in a refrigerator and left for at least 2 days (during which time crystals formed sugar). Cuts are cold with a sharp knife or served in bowls.
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09 Feb 2010


We put and roasted almonds and became incredibly delicious. To obtain Halva is important to hit the temperature of the sugar - we used the thermometer (special sweets). Once tried to test the drop in cold water - we did not - should be done, but must be done quickly because the temperature rises quickly.

It is very exact recipe, we have made halva several times already. It is not very hard, of lint. With this cutting is not the most comfortable, but it is not impossible, though we usually eat from her box cottages. For better presentation in filling bowls a good idea. Once crystallized well (2-3 days) I keep it in the refrigerator, but can be served at room temperature, in which case it is soft. Every time I put peeled roasted sliced ​​almonds - about 1/2 - 1 pm. H., Next time will be with pistachio :)