Tortillas with zucchini

Submitted by enr on 09 Jul 2012
2 boiled potatoes
1 peeled zucchini
3 eggs
salt, pepper
Tortillas with zucchini
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In a bowl mix the chopped potatoes and zucchini sitnichko, then the eggs, salt and pepper. Mix everything well. We heated the pan with a little oil and pour the mixture. Turn to fry the other side using a plate.
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09 Jul 2012


Honey, edit your recipe for tortilla of 2 pcs. potatoes 1pc. zucchini and only 2 pcs. npma eggs just how to get ...

This is not a cake, this recipe is parzhenki. Whether it will shape the small or large meatballs - still the same job. With good spices is certainly tasty, except there is a cake :)

And what do you think is the cake?

Not in my opinion, and according to the facts - in Mexico is thin bread Spanish omelette. But the quantity of eggs in relation to the other products that you ask, you will not get an omelet. Just products are many, and the eggs slightly. That's it. You may want to ask weights to avoid misunderstandings.

I'm sorry if someone I sounded rude, I did not like. This is a culinary website and we are all here to share his passion for cooking. For clarification potatoes are about 200 g., Zucchini too. Since this was my first recipe and immediately found people who did not like the title and the presentation of the products I'm frustrated and give up.

My God, very important is whether or not the tortilla. Girls, instead of writing about the taste, you are seated to comment on how to be called ... Image looks good. Will try. Thank you.

Well, Willie, you write your impression. For me it is important as looking recipe name I can find what I'm looking. And if you are not authentic, there is no reason to give him authentic name. Why annoyed by the fact that for some people it is important to know what they eat and how to say food in the world? Each different occasion in here and looking for recipes: once for quick easy dish, sometimes festive menu for the third time by the desire to try and foreign cuisines. Not bad.