Vita Shock layered cake

Submitted by enr on 03 Dec 2011
6 eggs
150 g sugar
100 g flour
30 g corn starch
20 g cocoa
1 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
150 g fine milk chocolate
200 ml pastry cream (no sugar )
50 g jam strawberries
buttercream and fondant decoration
100 ml Baileys liqueur
Vita Shock layered cake
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Separate the whites from the yolks. Egg yolks with the sugar is broken down to graying. A egg white of hard snow. Add flour, starch, cocoa, salt and baking powder into the egg yolks and stir 1 minute more. Then add egg whites and mix gently with a spoon so as not to fall. In a rectangular baking dish (I use this oven 30-40 cm) covered with baking paper - buttered, pour the mixture and bake in a preheated 180C oven for about 10-12 minutes. Heat the cream without boiling and pour it battered in small pieces chocolate. Stir until chocolate is completely melted. Allow to cool (maybe in the fridge for quick) after which mix with a mixer at high speed until a nice thick cream. Cut up the cold already base of 4 long strips. Moist them with liqueur and cream. Top places put a bit of jam. Roll up one roll of tape and place it upright in tray. Around him arrange (roll up) the other bands by pressing lightly. So as to form a round cake. Plastered with cream and decorate in their taste with sugar dough (fondant).
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03 Dec 2011


Hello this is a rule Pastry Friday. I ordered a woman to Birthday 9 year old girl. For a first attempt I get up below. There remarks, but said that taste was the tip. For the whole cake Rule 4 doses and weighed about 7 kg pretty. Barely supplied ha ha ha ...

Pretty big *cakes*. There is no way to not weigh after they used quality products :). Not benefited as cream: 1 kg. dry mixture 2l. water after breaking = 6 l. volume final product :))).Very nice gloss. Interesting arrangement of the latter must. Like cakes with cream Ghana.

Thank you Mario! The woman called me 4 times to thank me first about it that much liked the look of and then for himself taste much they are liked.

Well done, Pete! Very fresh and delicate decoration! Imagine how he enjoyed small, and this is most important!

very beautiful

Thanks Rally! Still learning, but progress ....

-loving, Petya-ogramna beauty again you create! Bravo!

Oh, what a cake, I alone in place of the birthday girl :). Well done Pete, from nice nicer cakes are you!

Thank you girls. This cake I made yesterday a woman is ordered for Christmas gift for your dentist. And here such as cakes are rare dentist mouth dropped open and said that no one until now she had not done such a gift. Therefore the inscription below the tape says Merry Christmas Doctoral candidate. rke! I am very glad that you like thank you again ...

This is our Christmas stump, only this time not put chocolate in the swamp.