Muffins with feta cheese and cheese

Submitted by enr on 23 Dec 2007
250 g butter
200 g feta cheese
200 g cheese
1 cup yogurt
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp sugar
4 cup flour
Muffins with feta cheese and cheese
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Cheese and the feta cheese grate. Soda extinguish in yogurt. All products are kneaded soft dough, which is left for an hour in the refrigerator to set. Chilled dough is divided into 12 balls, each rolled out thinly and cut into 16 triangular pieces. Wrap up the buns and bake in a moderate oven.
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23 Dec 2007


Bravo Veljko probably are very tasty.

made them and were very tasty. Do not screw them in buns and left them in strips as you make pretzels.

I did them, but with margarine and sugar. Before you bake them covered with chytse top. Upload photos :)

I wanted to say *egg* :) :) :)

made them just only with financing, because I had cheese were very tasty. Thanks for the nice recipe!

just made them - became quickly and easily especially delicious! Bravo!

a long time waiting for this recipe - now her turn comes - were very nice - fluffy as kroasancheta.

Super fluffy and delicious buns.

as soon as they did not even notice when they had eaten them my people:) and wanted more :)

Today I made them ... incredibly delicious.

A few days ago I made these muffins have become very quick and very tasty. Definitely will be favorite for everyone in the house.

Great buns. Ate is still warm warm. Go Bookmark

Very, very tasty pretzels. Prepared half as buns and rest dough cut into strips, which twist. Both options were received superb.

Many delicious buns! Bravo!

Great sound - now I put them in the fridge to firm. Really dough is divided into 12 balls, which are cut in 16 pieces? I can not imagine what size will be, but obviously will understand them pull :)

Result - were great! Fluffy, salty, flavored butter ... I kneaded them in the evening and left them in the refrigerator overnight, in the morning and baked raztochih and were very tasty. Except I was not able to cut the circles of 16 pieces, cut them in 8 and I got pretzels with nice size. Peko them 15 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (I live in the States, and you and I have not yet learned what is a moderate oven) :) Thanks for the great recipe!

became very delicious and fluffy buns! Thanks to the successful recipe!