Moussaka portions

Submitted by enr on 28 Jul 2010
700 g minced meat (seasoned)
300-350 g cheese
1 jar tomato (800g chopped tomatoes with tomato juice)
2 eggplants
3-4 potatoes
Moussaka portions
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Cut the eggplants circles with 1.5 cm thickness. Add salt and leave to drain, then fry lightly on both sides and arrange in pan. Of minced meat form balls and put on eggplant. Potatoes are cut into circles and fry. On each ball of minced meat put potato. Heat a little sunflower oil, added wrinkle tomatoes with the juice, add spices to taste and sauté about 15 minutes - until a uniform mixture. With the resulting sauce pour portions. Bake is 20-25 minutes at 180-200 C. Finally, sprinkle with plenty of cheese and return to the oven until lightly turn pink.
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28 Jul 2010


Wow, what delicious bomb. Bravo. And the pictures are so delicious.

Interesting idea!

Very interesting, Vesi, and there is room for variation ... is not it better potato washer is below - eggplant is softened when baked, or?

Rally and I thought it so, but I released the original recipe. Well that and try this way, how to write. And so there is no reason not to get :)

I remember another now, if eggplant on top, underneath the potato should larger, while the top can and a small potato. And another eggplant if the top if there is not much to soften in baking?

I do not believe to soften more than they are underneath. Below still collect and juice of minced meat and tomatoes. I do not know. As their turn, will try both ways and will report;-)

Good idea, Vesi :) I put in favorites.

Tomorrow I'll do it today izparzhih potatoes and eggplant I let them drain. The order will be potato, eggplant, minced meat, eggplant and potato. Tomorrow I will write about the outcome.

It was very tasty, the guests liked it a lot!

Super idea goes to Favorites in the near future will try.