Chocolate pears - II type

Submitted by enr on 20 Aug 2010
30 g crackers
4 medium pears
2 tbsp liqueur
5 dried apricots
125 g of chocolate or marzipan
3 tbsp bitter coffee (brewed)
1 tbsp orange juice
30 g butter
1 yolk
3 tbsp coconut
Put the biscuits in a bag and crush them with a meat mallet to make crumbs. Put them in a bowl and add chopped apricots, liqueur and two tablespoons of coconut. Mix well. Chop the chocolate in the bowl and add the coffee and orange juice. Melt it in a water bath pull off the fire and add the yolks. Wash pears and carve them and try to remain intact with handles. Fill them with stuffing and can cut the bottom to be able to keep doing. Put them on the grill and pour melted chocolate so that any excess chocolate to drain. Allow to harden and cover with remaining coconut.
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20 Aug 2010


Wonderful recipe, thanks! Goes to favorites.

interesting as an idea only wonder how chocolate Ill keep on skating sheet of pear, unless it is of a variety?

And I wonder how do you carve to remain intact and handles?

I imagine it so-little knife cut a small piece from the bottom cone. Carving thence filled with stuffing, then the piece from the bottom is placed back in its place, then poured chocolate. Otherwise recipe I like, and filling can be made from other products, I mean a cream with gelatin, a matter of taste and fantasy. Very good recipe!

Thank you for the ratings and comments. Bottom really should be cut but only as to equalize to be able to stand pears to not lie down. Regarding the sinking, I use a small device such as the potato to remove seeds from apples, pears and the like, I do not know how to say in Bulgarian. It does not eliminate them completely and continue with small knife so do plenty of room for the stuffing.

I'm sorry that I could not get the picture to have a clue how to get the final result and how appetizing look.