Delicious mekitsi

Submitted by enr on 28 Nov 2007
250 g yogurt
1 egg
10 g yeast
1/3 cup water
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sunflower oil
flour (as a soft dough)
fat frying
Delicious mekitsi
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From the list of products knead soft dough, leave to rise for about 30 minutes. Dampen or greased hands pluck balls that are stretched by hand. Fried in oil. Served with feta cheese, jam or yogurt.
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28 Nov 2007


The best cakes. This recipe was looking for her for a long time finally I found. Thank flower!

Great cakes were ... The best I've tried so far!

Tomorrow I will try these delicious mekichki

Roll out dough on floured board and cut out shapes optional

I also finally found the recipe you need. Wonderful and easy.

are really very tasty. I made them this morning and they love them. Bravo for the nice recipe!

And my retsipta is the same but I put milk instead of yogurt, but the end result is the same. Will try and I yogurt

to lick your fingers :)

Mekichkite look great in the picture, until I priyadoha. Can anyone how to put the flour as soft dough relatively little seems :)

At the moment I can not think how I put flour, but I can give you *grandmotherly* advice that I read somewhere a long time ago and successfully use it - the dough should acquire the softness of the earlobe. Lest my stick, it Roll out on floured board with a thickness of 0.5 cm and cut out round, rectangular or square shapes. If you play or have a special occasion, you can engrave them with larger forms sweet. Will become quite interesting. Good luck!

cakes were great, although it looked like the taste rather mother of cakes (Roll out the dough and cut into diamonds and parched) than rural cakes in Central Rhodopes :) They are somewhat porous inside and -leki not know how to describe it. No ordinary yeast in the store and took Dr. Oetker dry. No problem, though quite wondering how to put it as a packet writing that is 7 g. And = 1/2 of the ordinary yeast. I put it all and got things. If any other layman in testing wondering how to put flour, I used about half a pack - ie 500 g.

Fast and delicious recipes using the Board of tillia and raztochih dough and cut out circles with a glass :)

Mekichkite are wonderful. So I just make them myself. Delicious work. I have not got words.

They became great, my family very liked them.

Tomorrow morning I'll start caring with them :)

yeast -pryasna or is dry

I use dry yeast and received very tasty. Do not become greasy, maybe a little thicker than I wanted.

Neville put a little more flour, so they get a solid.

Thanks for the recipe! :) They became great - fluffy, tender and very tasty! :)

are great, easy and delicious!

Yesterday I made them, were gorgeous, although I was skeptical. Bravo for the recipe!

can you knead the dough by the evening and stay in the refrigerator and ask oloioto which are fried should be hot or at low heat fry

marceto82, I have not tried to leave for the night, but should not be a problem. Knead the dough, put in refrigerator about an hour - hour or so before you start cakes Wadi dough and let the hot down to relax and rise and then fried. Necessarily more heated fat, if not well heated and take a lot of horror.

Many delicious mekichki arose, I put their cheese as stuffing because my men so wanted. A kneaded dough last night in the bread machine and put it in the refrigerator. Morning only izparzhih them, are super! :)

I do them for years these cakes if you want try my way without yeast and water, or other products are the same + 1h. l. sugar. Always involve them from vechertta, no problem, just take out the dough for half an hour before frying. While drinking coffee;)