Potato soup

Submitted by enr on 11 Oct 2010
5-6 potatoes
1 carrot
100 g butter
1 yolk
50 g yogurt
pinch fine savory
Potato soup
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Peel the potatoes. Along with the carrot Boil in salted water. After their cooking is removed in another court, where Strain. Already strained, is returned to the water in which they are cooked. Mix well and if the amount of water is more, simmer until thickened. Add the butter. With yoghurt and egg sauce is prepared, which mixed with a ladle of soup is added to it. Finally put savory. Optional served with croutons and 1 teaspoon salt cream.
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11 Oct 2010


Very nice supichka, no blender, but with a fork it :)

I'm glad you like it!

Super is supichkata! Several times I'm doing it and still scolding me that I'm a little cooked! :-)

Even a 10-month baby gave soup with shredded little biscuit! All liked it and quickly ate :)

I can not wait to try!

delicious supichka became especially krutonchetata :)

It was very tasty, but I put two vegetable broth instead of carrot ... (due to the lack of such) :)

unique supichka. congratulating the author.

oops, I forgot to give you evaluate :).

marvelous! thanks! :-)

It was superb! Even my husband, who in the last five years has not tasted soup to eating! Thanks!

Very tasty supichka. For the first time I've cream soup and thanks to this retspta will remain permanently in our menu! Thank you!

I was not rules cream soup, home soups are not respected. We'll see tonight if you like it.

I just made it and tried. Fast, easy and very tasty! Thanks for the nice recipe!

Very nice supichka!

How you put some water? Enough to cover more or less? How goes quantity finally? Thank you! :)

I put water enough to cover them, but such amount can not say how goes. I overestimated the products her ready.

Thank you, so just in case I would put a double dose to make more sounds tasty, will try today!

The amount of water is discretion. You potato starch, I full pan with 2L. water. When the jar sit for a while, then concentrated. If it is too thin, you can add a little white flour or noodles. Again gets tasty.

No, it was rare. I put a large quantity of products to become more and was very tasty. Thanks for the recipe, easy, fast and tasty. Greetings!

I added a few cloves of garlic became amazing soup!

Supichkata is gorgeous, makes it often :) This time I decided to play a little more and made it with Варена thickener for soups, main dishes and sauces and became even more delicious!

soup became delicious, but overdid water. I added a lot of white flour! :)

This is your favorite soup of the husband. Once more, at least a week begging me to prepare! Today too :) where IT laziness, where diversity, thickener decided instead to put 200 g cream cheese, naturally. It was awesome :)

Great supichka ... was very tasty ... Thanks for the recipe :) :)

I added chicken broth. Became great.