Argentinean chutney

Submitted by enr on 10 Nov 2013
1 kg red peppers peppers (ripe)
1 carrot
1 eggplant
1 small onion
cumin, black pepper, salt, sugar
250-350 ml sunflower oil
200 g of tomato paste
Vegetables are washed, cleaned peppers from seeds and stems and all products are boiled. Leave them to drain the water and blend well. Then transfer this paste in court that prevent burning together with salt, sugar and the oil and spices optional. Can tomato paste. I leave the stove on very low heat until thickened. Do not sterilize, because for 3-4 days eaten. * In Argentina, there is nowhere to buy chutney and her do alone.
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10 Nov 2013


... You can put flower head and half turnip. I think that in Bulgaria tells him pandzhar. To make a red ..

la. Rioja, perhaps you mean beetroot?

How is the original name of this food? It hardly say *chutney*;)

I think this is as chutney author makes in Argentina (Argentine is so) because you can not buy it ready :)

xevi, beetroot maybe ... Aliana, and I say chutney, here there is none, that we miss a lot. Can be called Bulgarian chutney prepared in Buenos Aires with vegetables belong here of course ...

la. Rioja, understood :) I thought it was some salsa, which is very similar to our chutney, became interesting to me how so far from each other appeared almost identical recipes. But I thought it chutney is delicious thing, why Argentines have not reached this taste? :)

misled me that recipe is packed in Argentine cuisine.

Argentinean, because I'm here for many years, ie. Is there in Buenos Aires -Capital Federal ...

According to you, and when I let Bulgarian recipe must write the country you live example Libyan chutney Libyan cuisine wherever does not change the origin of the recipe. We would be delighted if we meet with Argentine cuisine.

Here's my recipe Libyan-5 large peppers 1 large carrot grated and boiled 1 eggplant baked 1gl. onions if desired, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 250 grams of tomato paste, 120 ml. oil, salt, sugar to taste.

Do not zaformya climax with my German chutney, you'll see;) I think Yuri realized and corrected :)

No need for so emotions will come from Argentina as it passed me. Man put it in the kitchen because he lives there, is not aware of what is right :)

Nevi, you know that we are emotional;) ​​I'd be happy to Argentine dishes - appetizers, soups, desserts, meals - I am very curious :)

Now that I included the recipe is represented by Yuri man, congratulations on that my recipe is almost identical to that now understood why for two years did not let anything from Argentine your kitchen, to hope that they are not afraid ,, :)

It seems to me the time to write here, I do not quite Cyrillic letters and replay ... The local cuisine, pizza, spaghetti, asado / beef grilled / Milanese-schnitzel, but not mince ...!Almost every Sunday, unless it rains I get the grill, buy charcoal, wine and ...La vida es bella ... !!

Yuri, only in Bulgaria shnitselat of mince. However, if you find the time while waiting for the hot coals or de fool stack, you can put a typical recipe. Until then - all good :)