Bananas in butertesto with chocolate sauce

Submitted by enr on 10 Apr 2009
2 sheets of puff pastry
4 bananas or other fruit of your choice, except watermelon and melon
2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp sesame
butter spreads
frying fat
# For the sauce :
500 ml milk
200 g chocolate
Bananas in butertesto with chocolate sauce
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Puff pastry removed from the container and leave to soften. One sheet is smeared with butter, put another sheet on it and roll it gently. Mix honey and sesame, bananas are peeled and rolled in honey. The dough is cut into 4 equal pieces in the middle of each put a banana, honey is distributed bananas dough is closed and pressed. Received envelopes are fried in deep fryer or saucepan with enough oil. Still hot pour with chocolate sauce: boil the milk, add the chocolate and stir until melted. Serve with fresh fruit, fruit salad or ice cream.
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10 Apr 2009


and I love puff pastry and bananas :) 2in1-yummy!

Thank you for the delicious recipe. Rally because kata do not like bananas replaced them with pears. Roll them in a small meal, / to absorb the liquid /. I put white chocolate. Became great yummy ...

Desi, very happy! How many you took? I will try that!

Rally, I made them with a sheet of dough, to try whether they will like. Almost them were gobbled when you saw the inquiry. Well I do not know maybe about 10-12 pieces, pears I was smaller. But big is yummy ...

Yes, I am no fan of bananas. Yesterday we tried the recipe with a friend, but with apples and white and dark chocolate (100 g of both). Became pretty pieces and very tasty and ate them almost daily. Very good recipe!

A great recipe! Bravo, Raleigh! Bananas great combined with honey and chocolate!

This can not happen to you in the oven I think will be very maznich in the fryer ...

Try, Jaures, nothing prevents you. And say what happened:-)

will try them and say; )