Biscuit rolls with strawberry butter cream

Submitted by enr on 08 Jan 2010
400 g biscuits Breakfast
4 tbsp margarine
1 tbsp cocoa
150 g of powdered sugar
# For the cream:
3 tbsp margarine
1 cup sugar
2 tbsp strawberry jam
2 tbsp striped sticks
2 tbsp coconut
Biscuit rolls with strawberry butter cream
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Cookies are broken into pieces and grind well. Pour into a bowl, add to powdered sugar and cocoa mix. Margarine is melted and added to biscuits. Knead into a soft dough. Aluminum foil are cut into equal pieces. The dough is poured onto one and the cover with the other in order to be able to also prepare. After flattening prepared cream - margarine is mixed with the sugar and stirred with a mixer about 1-2 minutes. Then to this mixture was added, and the jam is again stirred until evenly mixed. Finished base is coated with a cream, leaving little cream icing and then rolled by means of fthe oil. Allow to stand for half - one hour in the refrigerator. After staying cool is removed, develops and carefully brushed the top with remaining cream. Sprinkle with coconut and colorful sticks. Store in a cool place.
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08 Jan 2010


will try very well look

And the taste is so good, I assure you :)

Rossi, another very tasty you, bravo for the recipe!

Thank you very much, Maggie. I am happy that you like. You'll be glad to try it and you :)

It looks delicious! Will try it!

roll is delicious. Oil strawberry cream great partner with biscuit-chocolate mixture. Except biscuit cake I got a little loose, but next time will otkorigiram defect. Now just tried to mask with a quick decoration:-) Today, my menu is PassionFlower - thanks again for the nice and quick recipe.

Thank ELTI :)

Today I used this cookie dough and did something like cake :). My idea was to make two layers and between them to grease it with butter cream recipe, but then not put cream. Narasih top with crushed biscuits and rearranged sugar figurines. It was a cake *garden*. And it lean, and to eat and I:-))) (use plain biscuits).

Uaaau, Elti Advantages: -perfect performance! Gorgeous spring garden! Congratulations!

leleeee, incredibly beautiful :) Congratulations from me, I like decoration. Surely photos will qualify for competitions :) Well done again.

Elti, *Garden of Dad* is a work of culinary art! Set evaluation *Very good* due to lack of higher!

This is how one recipe can make great variations. Elti, it is very beautiful :)

Thank you, girls, for the nice words!

lovely vegetable garden you create, Elti! Congratulations for your talent!

must be great!