Bread with sea salt in a halogen oven

Submitted by enr on 28 Oct 2011
170 ml milk (warm)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tbsp sugar
280 g white flour (sifted)
2 tsp dry yeast
# Other products preparation of rolls:
50 g of baking soda
1.5 liters of water
sea salt for sprinkling
Bread with sea salt in a halogen oven
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In the container of bakery products are placed in the order in which they are described and the timetable for kneading the dough. Remove the dough and divide 6 balls that shape optional round or oblong. Pierce them here and there with a fork and leave them for 10 minutes at room temperature to rise slightly. Put water and baking soda to boil and dip each bread for 15 seconds and remove the stack of BBQ to drain. Put in the oven bottom BBQ cover it with baking paper rolls and order. Sprinkle with sea salt and turn the oven for 20 minutes at 180C. Pay rolls to roast and bottom and bake another 5 minutes of 200C. Wrapped in a towel to stay mekichki. * For those who do not have baking and halogen oven and increase the dose to knead the dough by hand, at least 2 times rises and knead. Do 12 rolls and bake at 180C 20-25 minutes in preheated oven.
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28 Oct 2011


Waiting to post pictures, this soda water what role plays, a very interesting way of preparation, where her out this recipe?

I do not know what the role but removing them have a crust and then become dark in color, because if you noticed did not use any fat. And then this crust is very tasty. If you do not like salt can sprinkle them with some spice or to leave them with nothing.

Until now I have rules in ordinary oven and used them to make hamburgers for half that with this his work already wonder what' to put in his bag. Incidentally, much like earth last night ate 4 pcs.

got her recipe for many years when we had cable I followed many English and Italian culinary programs and do not remember exactly where I have copied. I pulled out my old notebooks and bury them now appropriate recipes.

Very interesting and unknown to me technology. Will necessarily make them. Photos look perfect.

are gorgeous, will give them a try - hopefully handle

Bravo! Interesting bread! Will try. I know why soaked in soda water - this is the technology of the German pretzel brettsel - turned in the form of praying hands. It is generally meager, so no fat. Before baking, donut is dipped briefly in a mixture of sodium hydroxide and water-so on. Natronlauge. This is what gives the donut unique color and flavor. Is invented by mistake from Munich baker pretzels dipped in baking soda and water instead of sugar and water. Pretzels have a unique brown crust soft environment and are very tasty.

Exactly Marina look like toasted, but are not, and the crust is very thin and in the middle are very mekichki. But you gave me the idea to do pretzels on this technology mistress, how I had not thought so far.

We'll try and pretzels topnati in sugar!

Mariyanche, mom :) thank you very much for the recipe. So we liked that barely escaped not do today second dose (and kneaded twice as much). But promised for tomorrow. Jump are gorgeous!

As written Marina - here such bathed in baking soda solution is sold on every corner and are very popular. In the dependence whether sticks, breads, croissants, pretzels are saying Laugenstange, Laugenbrötchen, Laugen-Croissant, Laugenbrezel. Lauge is a base solution in water (in the case of soda). Salt should top where is just big - whether sea or stone does not matter. My son very mori them - every day a pretzel :)

Rally, thanks for the information. I first make tortillas in this technology and was fascinated. Pretzels and I love you, but to us they are not on every corner, but only in one shop :)

ELTI rolls you have become great .. and as you arrange them in Bulgarian style super straight look .. bravo ..

All in kashti like them. Glad I found this recipe. I made them and froze 2 to see then whether shte are delicious. You have to try until they are very nice zashtoto liubimi of my ever hungry and always on a diet Students! Thanks for the recipe and comment - help a lot!

My heart was in this recipe! GREAT BREAD IS RECEIVED! I order for tomorrow night! :) And remember just how many times postponed their work! Mamche, thanks to shared recipe!

Today I liked them, later making them will write what is received.

The recipe is very successful. For faster let them rise for directly in the halogen oven at 50 degrees. In the dough and put some flour garlic, aromatic become friends. We liked and I have a contract to do them.

Milencha glad that you liked. if you try the other recipe for bread, I make a chestichko them ..Earthy *color* in the halogen oven-this is the recipe and they are very tasty and they put chesanche..a Or maybe you combine and the 2 recipes to rigged 1.

I'm sorry that I saw them pravila..dobra idea is that you add garlic and perhaps will become aromatic and if they dobevi and a spice-I have not thought so far should try ..

Both of us liked the bread. I think there is no problem to combine the two recipes. Forget to write that by itself put about 50g melted butter to me is easier kneading. By mixing fragrances of fresh milk, butter and garlic is obtained very nice.