Cake with pumpkin and plum jam

Submitted by enr on 27 Jan 2011
6 filo pastry sheets
4-5 tbsp plum jam
3 tbsp cooking cream
1 egg
grated pumpkin
3-4 tbsp sugar
Cake with pumpkin and plum jam
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Bottom of rectangular shape is smeared with sunflower oil. Insert 1 crust, so that the roof and walls. Spread with a little sunflower oil and put the other crust. Other product mix. Pour a few tablespoons of the filling on top and back sheets 2 each is smeared with a little sunflower oil. So to run out of products. Ends with sheet. Bake until ready to 180C. The finished cake is paid on a plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar.
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27 Jan 2011


Easy sladkishche. I like the combination of the products.

I threw his eye, but forget to buy a pumpkin. Looks delicious.

I am glad that your recipe has attracted attention. All the products remained in the other recipes :) so get sladkishcheto.

Ive, today took advantage of your idea. I did rolled flat and part of the peel put stuffing in this recipe (for all sheets (500g) did not have enough jam). Became very aromatic and juicy banichka (or dessert - I do not know how to define it). Very, very tasty and unusual. Thanks for the recipe.

Elti, very glad that you like it. And the picture is great.