Cauliflower Bechamel

Submitted by enr on 30 Oct 2010
800 g of cauliflower
2 tbsp flour
2 tbsp sunflower oil
200 ml milk
150 g mushrooms
250 g cheese
1 bunch dill
1 cube mushroom broth
1 onion
20 g butter
Cauliflower Bechamel
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In 2 liters of boiling water cube mushroom broth and handles dill put cauliflower, broken into florets. After 5-7 minutes cauliflower removed and pour cold water, lest are dissolved. Onions, finely chopped fry in the oil, add the mushrooms cut into strips. Once the boil off water from the mushrooms, add the flour. Rapidly stirred, in order not to make the flour lumps. Add milk trickle and stirring continuously. In namazana with butter glass baking dish arrange cauliflower florets, add salt and pour sauce beshameleniya with onions and mushrooms. Bake in preheated 180 g oven about 10-15 minutes under a blanket. Then sprinkle with grated cheese and dopicha until golden.
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30 Oct 2010


great dish, often prepare it at home, with only one difference sprinkle the bottom of the greased pan with bread crumbs. For quite some time I was about to put the recipe on the site, but maknik beat me. Bravo for the recipe-upload picture!

Blgodarya Image :) And we often prepare at home.

I like a lot. Will try it.

Very tasty dish get! Congratulations for the recipe!

Could be prepared from pickled vegetables with cauliflower? Sorry for the dumb question ..

With pickle will not happen, it is very sour and in combination with milk does not seem appropriate. But if you try write the result.

I've never cooked cauliflower, surely equally this recipe.

Thanks for the recipe