Eight Salad

Submitted by enr on 08 Dec 2011
5-6 boiled potatoes
70 g processed cheese
spices of your choice
70 g mayonnaise
50 g of cooked peas
Eight Salad
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While hot potato smash mashed, add processed cheese and stir well to melt the feta cheese or creases along with potatoes and spices are added optional - cumin, black pepper. In a suitable dish or platter put two cups - vertically are that are upside down and so along glasses distributed salad when removing the glass forming figure eight. Spread mayonnaise on top and lining beans peas. Decked with sprigs of dill on top and small diced carrot and red pepper and roses made from pieces of salami.
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08 Dec 2011


Petya is gorgeous sweetheart, very beautiful. Didi Sym by ub and groups

forgot evaluation

Didi I know you, we are with you their regular chefs lol

Beautiful design! I do not know why, but it immediately contacted the Eighth of March / our family celebrates him / and a very good idea.

I made it now to December 8th to remember my wildest Student years

You will surely make it. It seems easy and very tasty. Thank you.

is not easy can be used and other salad, just to leave the option of Eight