Freshness Salad

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2009
1/2 head Chinese cabbage
300 g soft feta cheese type Danube
1 fresh cucumber
200 g of sour cream (or yogurt)
1 tbsp olive oil
Freshness Salad
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Cabbage is cut stripes, the feta cheese - cubes and cucumber into thin slices. Add cream and olive oil and mix everything well. If need be, add salt. Pour into the salad bowl or deep dish. The quantity of products can be changed.
Very easy
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01 Dec 2009


Well done, Maggie, a good mix of products. Will prepare it with yoghurt.

I already several times in January prepare, even the last yogurt. Thank you :)

Indeed, the recipe is very interesting. Chinese cabbage is a specific flavor (something between lettuce and white cabbage, not quite). In our family is highly respected, because it is lighter than ordinary cabbage. Add its different products (corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives), but I have not thought of this option. Congratulations Maggie recipe is great. Tonight will be tested. And one more thing to say: I think better would be received with sour cream instead of strained yogurt. Cream is smooth and oily, but also less acidic. But this is a matter of taste. I generally prefer cream and even replace yoghurt in other recipes. It was around the royal. And I just wanted to say BRAVO

Dari, it seemed to me that it was a bit heavy with cream and so I propose a version with strained yogurt. Thank you for the feedback :)

BravoMagi again interesting and easy recipe!

great, will try it with pleasure

Chinese cabbage is used mostly for cooking, not for salads / Chinese cooks so at least it used /.

I can not refrain and let another comment. Chinese cooks might actually use Chinese cabbage cooking. Chinese cuisine is delicious but quite unusual according to our (European) present. But the fact is that the Chinese cabbage is great for salad, much more digestible than cabbage. And another thing, I do *cook*, but also used for salad. Either way is delicious. A salad Maggie is great. I can not say that its salads quite like me.

Dari, thank you for the nice words! I have not cooked Chinese cabbage, but I'll try! We Eat fresh salad with other vegetables :)

Bravo Maggie will try.

:) oxy if you say so ... be ... peace!

home and so far we've only used for fresh consumption Chinese cabbage. This recipe is interesting and will try mandatory. And I generally do so salad: chopped greens, grated cucumber and carrot, add several sklidki pressed garlic and her fiddle with salt, vinegar and oil. Is also very delicious!

It is very tasty, thank you. I tried it ..... Bookmark

Bravo for a great salad! I added olives, sausage (fillet), corn ... MMM!

Interesting options you prepare, and I will try with some additions :) Thank you!