Hugs Express microwave

Submitted by enr on 21 Nov 2011
1 egg white
300 g of powdered sugar
Hugs Express microwave
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Egg white stir lightly with a fork (no mixer). Add a little powdered sugar and solid dough is kneaded. Pellets are made about 2.5-3 cm in diameter. On baking paper put three balls spaced out (become enlarged quadrupled in baking). The microwave was set to 850 W, 1 minute and 25 seconds. This is. * For every oven is different, you can try with a ball, watching the oven. The recipe I have tried and gives good results. The recipe is taken from BG-mamma, user: cat.
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21 Nov 2011


We have it this recipe and I worked on it, I was interested in what is going to get disappointed ...

I tried, but my rose wonderful!

A great recipe! Received is wonderful kisses! I love kissing, but so far I have had only one unsuccessful attempt to do them. Maybe that's why so many are glad that these were received :)I put a little more powdered sugar. Received around 50 kisses. Two sacrificed at the beginning, while hitting my time. I do not know how the power of the microwave, but the other 35 seconds became perfect. Two more have been failures, as I started to do the marbles in advance and I noticed that hardened slightly outside such a short time.
I can only regret that I have not seen the recipe in advance.

The taste is great, very fragile, inflate and then ... spihvat. I'm doing wrong?

Ivka, you may have more icing sugar to put. I put more than 300 grams, enough to make protein. If you mixture was your well may be more like ten seconds in the microwave.