Khiyr (Kheer) - Indian rice cream

Submitted by enr on 05 Nov 2012
1.5 liters of fresh milk
70-80 g Basmati rice
6 cardamom capsules
125 -150 g sugar
2 tbsp chopped green pistachios, roasted unsalted
2 tbsp chopped roasted peeled almonds
5-6 saffron threads
2 tbsp orange blossom water
1 tbsp rosewater
#Optional 1 handful:
one or a mixture of: raisins, dried apricots, dried figs, dried fruit other
Wash the rice in a colander until the water becomes clear. Boil the milk with slightly cracked cardamom capsules, pour rice and boil gently for one hour and 15 minutes (1, 5:00), stir regularly and pereodichno to not engage rice bottom. Remove cardamom capsules. Put them nuts, sugar, crushed and soaked in cold water 1 tbsp saffron and possibly dried fruit. Boil another one (1) hour while stirring frequently. The rice should be disconnected whole, and the texture is thick liquid. Pour a rose water and orange blossom water, stir in the cream and spill portions.
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05 Nov 2012


Rally, should not be Keira, *h* is not pronounced as in *ghee*?

Speak while khan (of the Bulgarian Khan) or khol (eyeliner). Deep throaty sound. Transkriptiray it if you think it is necessary. I let him go and google to hear, with the English pronunciation. While looking for a recipe for muhalebi, I found many recipes khiyr and mentioned it and work. This recipe is just one colleague, who lived several years in India, but it is not the Indian. And so she pronounces it. I do not know exactly how to type the Bulgarian :)