Layered cake with candy Raphael

Submitted by enr on 25 Nov 2009
# 1 For base:
2 eggs
180 g sugar
160 g flour
5 g baking powder
pinch of salt
2 g vanilla
# candy Raphael:
150 g coconut
200 ml cream
70 g of powdered sugar
70 g honey
6 g vanilla
2 tbsp rum
almonds or walnuts
# For the cream:
400 ml cream
100 g walnuts or almonds
100 g natural starch
whipped cream
Layered cake with candy Raphael
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Base: Whip of snow with a pinch of salt. Yolks are broken down separately with 7 tbsp sugar and water. Then add flour with baking powder and vanilla. Finally egg white was added cautiously. Pour into the buttered and floured baking tray and bake. For cocoa base 1 tbsp flour is replaced with 1 tbsp cocoa. Candy: cream, honey and sugar are heated. Add coconut and was heated until ignition, under continuous stirring. Finally add the rum and vanilla. Allow to cool. Formed into balls in the middle of which is placed a nut. Rolled in coconut. Cream: 400 ml water and boil the cream. Add the starch dissolved in 200 ml water and nuts, pre-ground and browned in a pan for 3-4 minutes. If the bases are baked in a small baking dish cut into two. Each base is syrupy, dab with cream, banana slices are arranged. Decorate with whipped cream and candy Raphael.
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25 Nov 2009


Well done, you put a lot of work. The more I watch her, the more I crave it biting very tasty seems! Despite abundant cream is light and juicy, like creams based on starch.

Many thanks.I hope to have time to do, and to and enjoy.

I love cream cakes. And I love this one. And is not that difficult. If I'm not lazy these days will try.

Melani96, I hope you liked the cake.

Wonderful cake get the taste will report tomorrow!

I am glad that it is well received. I hope you enjoy and taste. The picture is great.

Thank Ivalina! Birthday not yet seen the cake, I hope the greatest pleasure is to it! :)

Pepi, e very beautiful image and a wonderful cake! Do you alive rozhdennika!

Thank you very much, Willie! :)

Pepi, you alive and healthy birthday! :) Will certainly remain fascinated! The cake looks great!

Pepi, you alive and healthy birthday! By looking cake will surely like it :)

Nelly Reni, thanks for the good wishes! Cake very pleased the birthday of all guests! If left for tomorrow, will photograph and piece!

I'm glad you liked the cake.

very gentle and exquisite cake. Elyubima at home.