Lotos of onion

Submitted by enr on 28 Jan 2014
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Lotos of onion
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Onions cleaned surrounded by skin. Be trimmed mustache. Top left as pointed. Onions are upright and with a sharp knife cut the top, middle, vertical, almost solid, where were his mustache. Then cut crosswise, and thereafter the 8 parts. onions are put in a bowl and pour hot water. Check after about two minutes, how is softened and can be dissolved by color. It is better to remain tight for standing up internal * * lotus petals. Drained and used for decoration. * course can be used in different size and color onions. * The hotter the water, the faster the onion softens and becomes transparent. * I read somewhere that can be used beetroot juice or paint in the water or on the tops of the lotus to preach pink food dye so that only they are colored.
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28 Jan 2014


Rally, very effective and easy decoration, directly put the recipe to Favorites waiting to order :)

It is very beautiful!

Very beautiful, spectacular and easy.

Rally, very beautiful decoration! It looks like a real lotus! :)

Girls, thank you! I've seen it countless times around the net and every time I was about to do. With pink onion is more beautiful! And the best part is that after parboiling smells of onions, only very close. That is. Not too umirishe nor decorated dishes or room :)