Lutenitsa without boiling

Submitted by enr on 27 Aug 2011
5 kg red peppers towers
2.5 kg eggplant
2.5 kg. carrots
50 g salt
10 g ground pepper
800 g - 1.2 kg ready tomato paste
1/2 cup crushed garlic
500 ml sunflower oil
Kapil must be cooked and peeled eggplants also, as should have stayed one night so. Boil the carrots. Cooked vegetables are ground with machine for meat. Mix and add salt. Add spices, finished tomato paste and heated sunflower oil. Sealed jars and sterilized for 30 minutes. Optional can be reduced garlic.
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27 Aug 2011


Very easy way to take the recipe!

Tasty and easy, and that there's a tomato can digest them to thicken.

Very good advice Akva7. The recipe is tested.

I also do make this chutney and it quite a year. Because it is fried, and it's healthier. And that lazy to grind with the clipper can tore ingredients chopped or blender them boldly. Garlic put it all as for flavor, and add cumin, parsley, a little sugar.

This recipe is great. I did it, and last year, today. Became favorite chutney family and my friends