Meatloaf with pancakes

Submitted by enr on 03 Apr 2012
500 g minced meat
1 egg
spices of your choice
3-4 ready pancakes
2 boiled eggs
1 boiled carrot
2-3 pickles
2-3 mushrooms
spices of your choice
150 g cheese
Meatloaf with pancakes
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Minced meat is kneaded with raw egg and spices and put in the fridge a little tense, but in the meantime boil two eggs and carrot. Minced meat is distributed on a sheet of paper or plastic bag, top distributed pancakes, top lining of julienne carrots, cucumbers, boiled eggs, mushrooms and seasoned with spices optional. Mushrooms may be lightly braised, but I put them raw. All that is rolled up and ready to bake, put cheese on top sprinkle with seasonings of your choice and bake until browned cheese. As well roll cool, then cut.
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03 Apr 2012


Very interesting recipe.

I instead put in the stuffing cooked eggs, fry an omelet with a rectangular shape, which set on spreading the minced meat on it and uttering what I have now-mushrooms carrots, potatoes, pickles, peas, corn, spices / celery parsley /. Further procedures are the same.

Oh omelet with yes, do it with cheese and roasted red peppers and becomes a jewel. As I do still have no apparatus to photograph him, but you reminded me well as the apparatus is here without us eat it'll shoot and get the recipe.