Naked dolmas

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2002
600 g minced meat
3/4 cup (150 g) rice
6 tbsp (60 g) flour
3 eggs
125 g butter
1 lemon
Chapter 1 (100 g) celery
1/2 tsp (3 g) red pepper
Naked dolmas
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To the minced meat add the cleaned and washed rice egg whites two eggs, black pepper and salt to taste. The mixture was kneaded well and it formed small oblong meatballs. Rolled in flour and without upsetting, let stand 1/2 hour. In boiling salted water run celery, peeled, washed and cut into eighths. After boil celery, add 3 tbsp butter and meatballs, as placed one by one. Cook on low heat so as not to break, until soft rice. Three eggs are broken down with lemon juice and add them gradually and stirring the sauce of the dish. With the resulting egg sauce is poured over the meatballs, arranged on a plate. Remaining butter fry the red pepper and pour over meatballs.
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01 Dec 2002


great and quick to prepare meal!

Instead of egg sauce can overwhelm with beshamelov sauce. Are also delicious.

There are definitely some things for final polishing in this recipe. Rice stubbornly refused to be cooked and tender, I had to brew one hour. Next time I'll put parboiled rice or soaked in water. Sosa seemed to me that it would be very rare and added to the eggs and lemon 1 tablespoon extra flour. Overall we liked the dish is multi tasty, especially the sauce.

buci, matter what is rice. Because I cook with milled, he slowly boiled and either brew pre little or soak it in cold water the night before. And your picture is very attractive!

Many tasty meatballs prepared in this way. I sometimes parboil rice and then mix it with the minced meat, to be sure that it will be cooked. We love the sauce thicker and I add a little flour, although it thickens and flour, which are rolled meatballs.

tillia, thanks! I will hear your advice next time.

Wonderful dish not boil rice because I use for meatballs with sauce rice which is broken and needs no cooking, only changed a little sauce, because my husband is sensitive to raw eggs, so in zaparzhih oil 1 large tablespoon. spoon flour and slowed with egg sauce, let it to boil 5 minutes to be thickened ... but the taste is preserved lemons ... you smell wonderful. I put a photo. Bravo! A recipe is already in favorites ..