Pasta a la carbonara

Submitted by enr on 07 Mar 2010
450 g bacon pinto
4 eggs
80 g feta cheese Parmesan cheese (sheep)
500 g of pasta (pasta)
clove garlic optional
Pasta a la carbonara
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Cut the bacon into strips and cook on low heat. Beat the eggs, add the feta cheese and continue beating until well mixed. Meanwhile, cook the pasta and (al dente - not be razvareni and slightly tight) in salted water, drain them and add them to bacon. Heat pasta with bacon and add the beaten eggs. Eggs should not be fried a lot, and must remain less kremozni. Add pepper and serve. If you want the taste to be stronger, heat one tablespoon sunflower oil and drop one whole clove of garlic and pozaparzhete (the same is removed after pozaparzhi and release their flavor). Add the bacon and continue as above. * Always withdrawals from the water in which you boiled pasta. If you see dry or want to be more juicy, you can always add a little of this water.
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07 Mar 2010


Every summer eat those noodles prepared by the husband of my cousin Maurizio. Delicious, and they carry all products from Italy.

All is well, but Formaggio?

I think it's *cheese* and talking about Parmesan (Parmigiano).

Parmedzhanoto sold in our supermarkets!

I mean, that should translate a specific word, because the products do not write Formaggio and parmesan. I assumed that the method of preparation the author was thinking of cheese, but momentum has recorded Italian word. To be clear ...

apologizes girls, but so is having them repeat every day and are so accustomed to the tech that mechanically put them everywhere. Formaggio can be understood and Parmesan

And ultimately parmesan cheese sheep is sheep, so you understand it?

Parmigiano Reggiano this type sheep now realized!

This is close to the recipe that gave me an Italian chef. The difference is that puts panseta / like bacon, but not smoked and cheek of a pig, not a belly / Sales him a piece and cut it in a form as frozen French fries. Great recipe!

Many were delicious. Thanks for the good recipe.