Pork with potatoes and three cheeses

Submitted by enr on 02 Jan 2011
800 g pork boneless
600-800 g potatoes
150 g mushrooms
100 g smoked ham or tenderloin (optional)
150 g cheese
100 g processed cheese
50 -70 g blue cheese
1 onion
150 g mushroom broth
sunflower oil
salt, pepper or spice universal
1 tbsp mustard
2-3 tbsp cream
Pork with potatoes and three cheeses
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Consistent in fat sauté the meat, potatoes, onions and mushrooms almost ready, seasoned optional (not overdoing it, further add more savory products). Put them in a pan, add chopped smoked ham and part of the mushroom broth and bake until ready. In the remaining oil is added to the rest of mushroom broth, boil and add melted, blue cheese, mustard and cream, stirring constantly until the cheese has melted. With so made sauce is poured over the dish, sprinkle with grated cheese and dopicha catch until golden brown.
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02 Jan 2011


I have tried with chicken, also becomes very tasty

It was very tasty. Not opened the broth, just did not have, but I put cheese in 1h. l. pesto. Thanks for the good idea.