Roasted omelet

Submitted by enr on 04 Feb 2011
2 eggs
50 g sausage
50 g cheese (cheese)
sunflower oil (butter)
1 level tsp flour and breadcrumbs
pepper or fenugreek
Roasted omelet
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Eggs slightly broken and mixed with sliced ​​cheese and sausage, flour and breadcrumbs. Pour the mixture into a well greased baking dish, optional sprinkle with pepper or fenugreek and baked until lightly browning and hardening of the mixture. Omelettes are served warm with fresh salad or pickles.
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04 Feb 2011


With what diameter baking pan?

Zori, pan in which it is made with a diameter of about 18 cm. But it is for one person. More people need more baking pan. I was left a little cheese, originally thought it breaded, but this amount is not my fried, I added other products and as prepared salads, omelettes baking. Ham fast, yet healthier. When I had begun to red I thought that I did not put any fat on top. But became better - sausage and cheese to go.

Once in school we had cooking classes showed us how to make a fluffy omelette - eggs are broken very nice, they must add a little water or milk and flour, fry from one side and then bake oven vva I had not remembered to make an omelet entirely in the oven, so it will be even easier and more sparing the stomach. Thank you, Ina, a good idea!

Thanks for the quick response.

Super idea for omelet, immediately goes to Favorites!

That's great, bravo!

I'm glad you like it. It sometimes laziness and less products help to invent something new!

I did a double dose and baked more baking pan. In addition, it looks spectacular (impressively large) is delicious :) Ina, thanks for another great idea!

Reni, I am glad that you test things that suggest! Great served omelet. Thank nela 111 and Steph for beautiful photos, and obviously they are received well!

Many delicious omletcheta I received, my husband was fascinated, baked them in mono muffins. :)

Nelly, very interesting them done! :) Great idea! A plain omelette served in its very original way! Thanks for the idea!

Super is very tasty and I did it with turkey vrest

rominavegas, I'm glad that you like them. The sausage is optionally :)

I loved the idea of ​​nelale to roast mini omletcheta in mono muffins. And I made them so :) miss sausage (not to spoil my roses) :) Since I found this recipe almost always do omelette in this way - is very fast and is delicious!

Reni, as they say - knock your hat! :) Original, beautiful, appropriately served! Bravo! Well it is - a simple omelet, but served more tempting:) Can you share how shape your roses?

With baking pans mafinki made them florets guess silicone, great picture :) There are many beautiful and delicious, already the most regularly so you do at home :)

Thank you, girls :) I made them with silicone muffin shapes (as assumed nelale). Will now do omelet with them - my husband was fascinated by pressed it this way :)

Reni, my husband likes them too much in this version, and thus only wants omelet already. I have a form with 6 different flowers and I made it / anywhere image smoothing / and became very beautiful. :)

Tilia, great proposal. Besides, I like the easy recipe to suit my layout with wonderful photos. Not only became clear to me how you do it? Is it thick *dough* to form *curls* and how are filled with Russian salad? I would be very grateful to share in more detail trick. Thank you in advance! :)

CVETETO3101, thank you! I am very glad that you liked the recipe :) And from the pictures, only the first is mine, all other beauties are created them other girls, each has added something of themselves in the recipe. :) The last picture is of Nelly / nelale /. Before you write that it is used to form cake / seems to have gotten pictures /. Form is embossed / from there are *Boucle* /. Russian salad is packed in at the resulting hole. Guess and Nelly will answer you. I wish you success!

Hello girls :) No, I have not gotten the picture I had them baked in small silicone shapes of apricot 6 are each different flower. This form, which used this time I was new, I bought it, and it occurred to me to try to do big baked omelet with 9 eggs. Form is silicon, but just in case she covered with oil nice. Is baked, allow to cool a little, a few minutes and gently turn. Omelet became gorgeous, juicy, well done. we could not eat it whole only two, so I do doyadoh the next day cold from the refrigerator and was very tasty. Do not think I ever will eat more fried omelet :)

Definitely successful omelet, I added 2-3. L. Yogurt. My husband does not like eggs, but this baked omelet approve it and eats with relish. Thanks to the diverse and bazra recipe.

Sasha, some omelet added to milk. I like your suggestion! I am glad that you have decided to try it and you like the result! :)

Tilia and Nelly / nelale / - very tenks! :)Very often determines the form and effect! Now looking for a certain form of cake Nordica, but no representation here and not imported their products. And sorry for my stupid question in the previous post - apparently I have been very tired eyes and I got confused with buklichkite :) Otherwise you umirgam for easy, delicious and spectacular retseptichki! Be healthy and smiling!

and an ordinary cake pan that will happen?

Chrissy, of course it would. I did it in a baking dish, Reni and Nelly in forms for muffins and cakes. I wish you success! :)

I did it in the form of cake, but as I tried to pull my sections of 2.

Chrissy, I have not done in cake form, guess Reni and Nelly will write, because they have experience. I think maybe was not well oiled form. Nadyavm at least to taste you may like.

Chrissy, I rule in shapes for muffins (silicone) and I had no problem very easily removed. Guess (and Ina) that the problem is in the form pan.

to me all my splits and breaks normally confined in form, so now always use silicone. Much easier to pull all of them. And you wait for it to cool, if it is hot and silicon form to Wadi -pak will break.