Roll with chocolate

Submitted by enr on 13 Jan 2014
4 eggs
120 g sugar
120 g flour
pinch of salt
1 vanilla
# For decoration:
1 egg white
20 g flour
30 g sugar
20 g cocoa
30 g butter
Roll with chocolate
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Egg white was mixed with cocoa, flour, sugar and the butter. Stir until homogeneous. The resulting mixture is filled Posh and it draws on baking paper, leave in refrigerator to cool for about 30 minutes. Eggs for the base separated. The yolks were broken with half the sugar and egg whites - with the other half and the salt and gradually added to the egg yolks. Stir gently and slowly add flour and vanilla. Pour the mixture over the base decoration and bake in a preheated oven 170C degrees. The size of the tray 35h40 cm. Once the base is baked turns on a damp cloth. filling is optional - it is my chocolate spread and sour cream.
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13 Jan 2014


So the recipe is only for marshes to roll and filling is optional? Decoration, if I understand correctly done so - mix products, spread out across the baking pan with baking paper and the cocoa mixture to make patterns of choice. Cooled in a refrigerator and then pour the mixture pan-cake (chocolate on patterns) and bake. Correct? How big is the baking pan swamps?

interesting roll is received. :) Lately is widespread thus painted rolls with spectacular variegation. Neville is exactly - made fixed mixture of patterns, is sprayed onto the paper for baking, allow to cool to harden and then it poured the mixture on the roll. Mixtures of patterns are different, some may be stained with dyes and receive many beautiful rolls.

recipe is really good! It was a great cake to roll! I over colored with paint decoration for cakes and fell great painting flowers :) I did, however for me the first time, I could not judge how thick should have their contours. Well, it did not work very beautiful (became less rough), but next time will be corrected :) dori21, thanks for the recipe!

Reni, deliciously roll is received, very beautiful and appetizing! :)

Villas, thanks! I think next time to color roll with cocoa and cream and decoration are white :)

I did as promised :) Marshes me this time is brown, pattern, however I do not get properly and therefore meadows roll with chocolate. Great recipe!

Majestic! I did it without decoration, but it sprinkled with plenty of cocoa and top with powdered sugar.