Souffle Old kozunak

Submitted by enr on 27 Mar 2010
4 slices old kozunak
2 eggs
4 tbsp sugar
350 ml milk
200 g yoghurt - for glaze
Chocolate Sticks - for sprinkling
Souffle Old kozunak
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Beat eggs, milk and sugar with mixer. Do the kozunak coarse crumbs using a blender, or cut it into small cubes. Add brioche crumbs to milk well confuse and put to bake in a preheated 180 C (blown) oven. Bake until ready. When cool, carefully using a knife dessert pay the bowl and turn onto a plate. Top can improvise. I covered my soufflé with thick yoghurt and sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles (you can smear it with feta cheese Mascarpone cream, sour cream or ice cream).
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27 Mar 2010


Wonderful idea!

Many are appropriate utilization remained cake! Bravo for the idea :)

Great idea :) Come to think of how I izhvarlyalya cake over the years ... sicken.

Good and Dea and sounds wonderful taste

naxos, well you received!

recipe seems easy to make (even me), and the pictures aroused my appetite, but I have 2 questions. My oven is not a fan of how many degrees must be baked or can not do without a fan? You and I Truth soufflé before withdrawing from the form? Funny questions, but if I answer I would be very grateful ...

Maybe without blowing, of course, simply upload degrees with 20 :) It's good to cool before removing it, as with any sweet :)

Blagoarya for rapid response. Will soon be made.