Yuzhnonemski cherry pie

Submitted by enr on 08 Apr 2003
1 l buttermilk
170 g semolina
10 g butter
500 g cherries or cherries pitted
2 eggs
vanilla powder 1
lemon peel
Ayryanat put on fire. Shortly before the boil, pour meal and leave to swell. Add a little piece of lemon peel, vanilla and sugar to taste. Remove from heat, take out the piece of lemon peel and stir in the egg yolks and then cooling - beaten egg whites. One third of semolina put in greased with butter baking tin on it distributed half of the cherries and sprinkle with sugar. Pour on top of the mess with semolina, then the remaining cherries and finally again mess. Small pieces scatter butter dish and bake in the oven.
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08 Apr 2003


I can do this cake, but does not say how much time and how many degrees to bake ?! Can anyone help me?

I did it and it was super! Komshiykata trying it and was very pleased and, guess what now bake! Ha ha ha!

As he writes how long to bake and how many degrees I improvised: 200 degrees for about 30-40 minutes.

Yes, I will just go yuzhnogermankite to cook anything with ayran ...