Appetizer Umbria

Submitted by enr on 09 Aug 2012
200 g of dried tomatoes in sunflower oil
4 tbsp thick tomato paste
15 green olives
black olives 15
10 anchovy fillets or sardeleni
2 tbsp capers
50 ml clear vinegar
150 ml olive oil
Appetizer Umbria
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Dried tomatoes are finely chopped. All ingredients and 100 ml olive oil are pureed to a homogeneous mixture with a coarse texture. Transfer to a clean jar and pour the remaining olive oil, so that it is completely covered. Store in the refrigerator. Sol put, anchovies and capers are savory enough. * This appetizer buying it ready, but consuming it so much that I decided as ingredients on the label to make her own. Since the ingredients are indicated in rates was not difficult to prepare. My proved a much more intense flavor than store-bought. Also, because now in abundance, I decided to try and use it as a red pesto, and as a spice. Added after cooking different dishes, such as tomato sauce or marinating of steaks - its application is multilateral.
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09 Aug 2012


Ralitsa why Appetizer says Umbria?

Because it is the name in the distribution chain, I guess is typical for this region. From this series of REWE has garlic Sicily, Tuscany and Venice appetizers and so on.. Put pictures of the original jar that residues still inside. Please Nevi move them back, are not the first to be seen by the recipe. Furthermore, one of my photos is repeated, please also be deleted :)