Ayoli sauce with green garlic

Submitted by enr on 23 Apr 2010
1 bunch green garlic scapes +
200 ml sunflower oil
2 yolks
the juice and rind of 1/2 lemon
salt, pepper
1 tbsp yogurt
Ayoli sauce with green garlic
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Garlic wash and cut. Put it in a suitable container for blending. To this is added the lemon juice, chopped lemon zest and yoghurt. It's all very well to pass a smooth, homogeneous mixture. Separately, in another court put the egg yolks, seasoned with spices to taste and prepare mayonnaise, as the oil is poured gradually and yolks are broken permanently. Since the mayonnaise is prepared, the garlic was added thereto and stirred until it is fully mixed. The sauce is served to meat.
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23 Apr 2010


Very nice making it up, Rossi, bravo! Sure can be done with other herbs, but to put 1 clove garlic? I do not have access to green garlic ...: - (And to ask - how do lighter lines in the sauce? I really like!

Rally, I'm glad that you like, dear. I made them with yogurt less fat. Break it gently and make a small slit in the top box itself. Put in the sauce and thin toggle Frame whatever came to my mind :)

Rally on garlic can do with old garlic - this is the original recipe for the sauce Ayoli. Can he put parsley or dill, passaged braised leeks or whatever else you could think of. Improvise :)