Balkan kaltsanitsa

Submitted by enr on 14 Nov 2010
400 g pork
400 g chicken
300 g mushrooms
1 bunch green onions
200 g sheep or goat feta cheese
200 g cheese
3-4 sprigs of mint
salt, pepper, red pepper
sunflower oil
1 cup wine
1 cup yogurt
Cut the meat into cubes and fry in the oil. Are added chopped onion and stir. Mushrooms cut into larger pieces and put in the meat and onions. Everything is seasoned with pepper and leave to cook on low heat. When the meat is tender, pour the wine and allow the liquid to evaporate by half, but remain little sauce, put the feta cheese, cut into pieces (the feta cheese can be a cow) and grated cheese and leave to melt, stirring continuously. Finally, add a few sprays of fresh mint and add salt as needed. Serve as a side dish in place 1-2 tablespoons of yogurt, which is poured on a little sunflower oil, which is lightly fried little red pepper.
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14 Nov 2010
TV predavavne Culinary


and I watched a broadcast yesterday and I loved the recipe. I think Christmas to prepare a homemade pork and chicken mestse.

Yes, I saw for the first time to combine pork with cheese, it seemed to me interesting and I decided to share this recipe with you.