Bead Soup with tortellini

Submitted by enr on 10 Jan 2013
800 g minced meat
3 large carrots
10 potatoes
1/2 head celery
2 onions
1 large red bell pepper
800 g tortellini stuffed optional
100-150 ml cream or milk
4-5 tbsp semolina or breadcrumbs
2 tbsp vegetable broth powder
Bead Soup with tortellini
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Cut carrots into thin rings, potatoes slightly larger than that of moussaka, celery cubes, onions finely. Put in 3 liters of cold water and bring to a boil. Minced meat is kneaded with salt, pepper, cream and so semolina, to obtain a firm mixture. Formed into balls as large walnuts. When the soup boil and boil 5 minutes, add the marbles. When they begin to emit gray foam soup otpenva. Pour a bouillon powder and black pepper. Soup boil for about 20 minutes. Insert the chopped pepper and simmer for 5 minutes. According to this, how many servings to be consumed immediately, is separated from the broth of the soup and it is boiled right amount tortellini as orientation are 100 g per serving. Dispense the dishes and make the soup. The amount is for 8-10 servings. If you will be consumed at once, tortellini are cooked directly in the soup. * When serving sprinkle with parsley and optional with grated Parmesan.
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10 Jan 2013