Beans cabbage vegan

Submitted by enr on 21 Mar 2009
200 g white beans
500 g sauerkraut
1-2 dry peppers
Beans cabbage vegan
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Beansa put to boil with fragmented in large pieces dry peppers. In another saucepan cut cabbage into small pieces and boil with savory. Once cooked beans is added to a cabbage and salt. Boil for another 15-20 minutes. Serve warm soup with a little cayenne pepper optional.
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21 Mar 2009


And this dish cherish. Especially cooked by her grandmother in the village of stove wood. Mmmmmm ... but gone ...

Well done, Christo! This dish is one of my favorite, a little different but it finished ready, no matter important is the idea that the main products are the same. Dish that reminds me just delicious memories.

Rights is Desi! For stove village with a pot of beans and sauerkraut. Yummy! I one day I doyadoh because I only eat sauerkraut from my family.

of the village, this is nostalgia for everyone. But at us here in Troyan was cooked on a wood stove.

Oh my God, I love it this meal, but instead I put savory curve Merudia. This is a special seasoning cabbage. I do not know if you've heard about it, but the cabbage becomes superior. I was not offended.

It was great. This is my very favorite meal. Until now it was preparing a different technology, but this recipe is really good and tasty.