Beans with vegetables and spinach

Submitted by enr on 26 Jan 2014
800 g of canned beans
2 large carrots
1 onion
3 peppers - green, red, yellow
4 cloves garlic
300 g fresh spinach
5-6 tbsp tomato canned
thyme, mint, parsley
Beans with vegetables and spinach
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In a deep frying pan fry the finely chopped onion for 2-3 minutes, then put the carrots cut into small cubes, wait until they change color, and put the peppers also cut cubes, fry until tender peppers are added and chopped garlic and fry for no more than 1-2 minutes, then put the jars of beans (without rinsing) and tomatoes. Reduce the heat at the 2 and put very little water about 50 ml, put spices and salt and wait until thickened low heat. Finally, put the chopped spinach and leave for 2-3 minutes on the stove until tender spinach. Once you remove it from the heat sprinkle with chopped parsley.
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26 Jan 2014
Jamie Oliver


Oh, it sounds so tasty! I love beans with spinach dish, and this will also liked, I'm sure!

idea is great :) Soon cooked bean stew and decided to add spinach (I had thought of Ina recipe *Lentils with spinach*)! Very, very tasty get!

It is really great, since I saw this recipe now only so prepare the beans.

It and I do it with the same vegetables, except put them into the dish, not them zapazhvam advance :) Боб spinach

Yes, and when I do not like stew fried them, but we can not because there is no way to soften.

dish looks delicious, but not Spanish! You specified the source, but in Spain, the beans are not cooked well.

So if you remove the parsley and add a small chunk (ham) may mimic isanskiya beans.

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