Biscuit layered cake Anelia

Submitted by enr on 23 Nov 2009
300 g biscuits Breakfast
150 g cocoa biscuits Breakfast
200-250 ml cream confectionery
150 g strawberry fruit milk
1 packet soluble napita degree or other soluble or soft napita
strawberry topping
3 bananas
Biscuit layered cake Anelia
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If a soluble napita, it is prepared according to package directions. Biscuits rank each other on the bottom of the pan and sprayed with stepcheto - the objective is lightly sprayed (syrup) biscuits, but not soaked. Spread cream prepared from a wrecked cream and fruit milk. Top rank banana slices and pour the topping. Then rank cocoa biscuits and proceed the same way. Finally ordered biscuits, syrup and smeared with cream left. Ornaments can be dusting crushed biscuits cocoa or chocolate bars, and a bit of topping. Kept for 24 hours in a refrigerator.
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23 Nov 2009


Fast, easy, tasty. Well done.

It is really easy - ready for 30-40 minutes.

Divine cake ...

you tell me what is dissolved stepche seems that only I do not know. Cake is great!

stepche soluble juice powder, there are different brands ... they are very aromatic and strong, many people make fruit milk with them, have a strong flavor ...

flowers Brides explained exactly what stepche. But may be replaced with another sweet juice to syrup slightly biscuits necessary.

Yes now as delve saw the explanation, thank you very much.

One more suggestion for a quick, delicious and aromatic cake!

Great Option! Bravo! Will try in the near future!

Maggie today had prepared her guests, were fascinated but I dunk each biscuit in sweetened milk, and became excellent. I make it a long time ago but I had lost this recipe this cake is really superb, thank you for that share it with us.

I'm glad you liked it! When I make warm cream starch, then dunk them in milk. Thank you :)

I have not done never biscuit cake, but it looks great and is easy!

lqna, many organs of preparation, and mild taste. And with the arrangement can be improvised, thanks!

To facilitate Mr. shops *Max*, and in some bakeries for bread is square *peel* which are like biscuits and becomes faster and is vsusno. Method of preparation is as in cookies simply faster.

improvised and added in the preparation slightly melted chocolate and bananas swapped with chopped pineapple. I think you get a great dessert!

I am only an ignorant question perhaps, but still go into this area, lol. This stepche, which sprinkle the biscuits as powder you sprinkle or dissolve it in water to make juice, syrup for them and if yes how much water e / d should be dissolved (2 l, as in general or less become more concentrated liquid). Otherwise, the recipe is great, can not wait to try!

My omission is that I have not mentioned this - stepcheto dissolves in water as it says on the packaging. May be replaced with another drink, the goal is slightly sprayed / syrup / biscuits, but not soaked.

added the clarification in the recipe.

With such stepche dissolved in a glass of water, dye *peach*.

Thank Xevi :) Neli. mag, not surprised that painted them sweet, so colors in them ...

degree is so harmful use caramel syrup at least he comes cheap and you can do it yourself, or at least compote