Bread with garlic bread machine

Submitted by enr on 19 Oct 2011
270 ml milk
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tbsp grated feta cheese Parmesan
2 cloves garlic - grated
500 g flour - sifted
7 g dry yeast
sesame for rolling
sunflower oil for greasing the pan
Bread with garlic bread machine
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In the container of the machine is put products as ordered above. Top put yeast. Includes program kneading and rising. After finishing the program dough is removed and divided into 6 balls rolled with sesame unless sesame sticks, balls lightly moistened with water. With a knife to rip a cross on top and put in a greased baking trays, maybe plain. Leave to rise for about 35 minutes. Bake in preheated oven at 180C until ready. Ready are removed and placed on a wire rack to cool. Become fragrant and crispy bread can be made without garlic.
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19 Oct 2011


This will test mandatory. Will try to trust in the halogen oven and will show the result (just not a failure in the kitchen) now directly in FAVORITES.

5 years ago. I bought my husband cut machine that will use it five days and will pass in others. appliances, in the presence of good bread and vTripoli worth 5 cents. a waste of time, proven that I can call forth every day and now buy bread if it kusva and remains in the bag!

Very nice buns. They remind me a bagel years ago. Tonight will try them. The dough is basically the same thing I do to toast bread. I think it will be wonderful!

which no bread machine, can they be mixtures ra4no

Marina, can you write me the recipe for dough toast bread,

Of course that might interfere on hand and sugurno will become - a nice!

Oh, really nice! Thanks for the recipe. I could not wonder abstention smelled of sesame. Still warm, I ate bread with a clean oil- I went to the movies the numbers of calories. To Natalija- forum for bread machine I wrote something, but there are eggs and butter and the dough is a little row, making for manual mixing.

Hello flowers - rolls are uniquely beautiful and very tempted me. Can you help me with some information - I have a machine but apparently not very nice I've been let edinstvenno dry things - milk powder, dry yeast. Vyprosyt I can I replace the milk with dry lyzhitsi and how should I put?

Marina, if you have the recipe for toast bread, please drop it, because something is not clear to wash this forum

No internet late reply, einjal dough does not get only dry things if you do not milk it is replaced by 370 ml of water and 2 tsp dry milk. all machines are almost a function of making dough, I only once bake it and did not like bread toaster does not like us, all the heat of a gas oven so I have!

The same dough can be baked and toast bread!

I do not have bread machine, but manually meat suppose will happen. Goes to Favorites!

Many, many thanks - and mine is so dry milk and water and so on. So tomorrow I will make them with some water - hubavecher me again thank

made in the halogen oven rolls were great, but this oven dough comes many and merged into the pan.Tomorrow I decided to do them again but will adjust the recipe for the dough and baking their way in the halogen oven.I would like to allow me to input your recipe specifically designed for halogen oven and of course will clarify that the original recipe is yours, we will post a link.I decided to name it *Bread* color *in the halogen oven*

No problem, I do not hold copyright write her mamcheto61 that many people follow recipes and it guest in this forum can and small balls to make and twice winning them!

So I thought, and I do, but not prevtasva dough, reduce dose and really would do Maquis balls, but tomorrow will experiment with the oven will detect and time, because should not remain raw underneath them paying after a certain time, but as persons FANAL anger that merged our time concurred us anything, and meanwhile opatkah a straight are divine, I were done with cheese (bgparmezan-leave his piece of cheese in the fridge to dry and they you parmesan )

Maybe without parmedzhano without garlic, rolled in sesame seeds is enough!

Bread prepared for today I!

Bread prepared for today I!

They became very good! I do not have bread machine - Messina them by hand and baked in the form of muffins - 12 pc. Mmm ... nothing left. Will often do! Thanks for the nice recipe!

Well done very well seem the most fastidious people around me appreciate them, and are on hand when you have a machine.

I tried them these breads were gorgeous, but Messi them by hand and by machine yesterday I loosening even now I want to try again, to ask as a loaf of bread that will happen if I leave the dough inside straight to bake and what program to run it? By looking quantity of products responsible for 700 grams. Bread is not it?

Didi, can and bake but it is not the same as small bread with a crispy crust, but try you might like, nothing I roast machine, roast in the oven because my husband likes to have many soft part as in the large loaf. Glad you like it. If you bake a loaf of bread as well do so in 400 g flour 100 g. 1 kg meal program use. and bake it run a little to make the toast but you do not know how you bake oven machine, you yourself must consider what bread you want.

Thank flowers for the advice - I'll try :) - and I do not know yet how bake - yet learning a January - will share the outcome as soon as I do.

I replaced the white flour with whole wheat flour. Were fluffy with crispy crust.

annapeeva here image number 13, rye flour polzvam300gr. water 1 c. l. salt 1. l olive oil 500 g flour 11 g. dry yeast, put them in the order indicated in the bread machine, pushttam one time only kneading for 15 min. and then a program for kneading and rising, draw risen disc of dough and split 12 small balls with wet hands, form them and roll in sesame put them in the pan for 12 nests roast 180 g. for 45 minutes.

are wonderful ..