Candy RafaElki

Submitted by enr on 26 Jun 2010
150 g white chocolate
4-5 tea biscuits
40 g butter
50 g coconut
12 whole hazelnuts
1 gofer
Candy RafaElki
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Pre prepares bottom of candy as on gofer Place nylon. With cap (whiskey, vodka or other) circles are cut from wafers - thus not sprayed crumbs, do not break the sheet diameter ideally suited for this purpose. An empty quail eggs were washed thoroughly, dried and divided into 2 halves - are trays in which are formed sweets. The bottom of each cutter is dusted lightly with coconut, so as to cover the recess in the factory each cutter. The chocolate was melted in a water bath and a teaspoon is poured into each cutter - about 1/3 tsp With a small brush is spread on the walls of the tray. Hazel nuts halve and distributed over the chocolate. The remaining melted chocolate mixed with the butter, chopped fine biscuits, coconut and nuts distributed on each cutter. Each candy is covered with a cap wafer, which is pressed until it equals the edge of the tray. Mixture and chocolate that go beyond the tray will be removed later. Thus prepared candy must stay cold until tight products, then using scissors and patience are cut, pushed by trays and arranged in paper shapes.
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26 Jun 2010


Very nice recipe, bravo. Requires patience to make, but the final result I think it's worth. Thanks for the recipe. Will record it in Favorites for a more special occasion.

I really like, bravo!

Wonderful sweet temptation. Soon you will treat him :)

Raphael are my favorite candy, will try them for sure

Very interesting sounds will try :)