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roasted peppers
sunflower oil
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Peppers are cut into pieces, the meat also. Place in a pan, added salt, more sunflower oil and a little water. Bake until ready. Add parsley and garlic. The buttercup is delicious both hot and cold. * Precise quantities are not set, but the peppers must be more than the meat - and may even double, to taste.
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23 Jul 2010


I do this dish with a little modification. Water and an replace red tomatoes cut. Try it, you'll like it.

I like and tomatoes, but my husband likes this way, only with peppers. So not bad. For goreshtinkite is very good, and winter with warm bread mm-mm-mm-mm-mm-mm-m ...

This is one of my favorite Bulgarian dishes. But I've eaten only in the version with tomatoes and red peppers. We will try and this proposal. Just ask for the ratio meat / peppers - how it best?

That amount will, but the peppers must be more than the meat.Maybe twice.They always do *kesim*:-), but everything is taste.Even my mother in law minced meat, but I prefer to be in one piece.

Thank you, that's what interested me (how many pods are more than meat).

Today I made this delicious gozbichka. A portion tried with pieces cheese and remaining rasnah Cheese. There is no way with words to convey taste - simply gorgeous (I strongly recommend). i4eto3421, thanks for that your (or your mother in law) option - is great. The other way with tomatoes also very loving, but this first do and I am pleased with the result. Put and photos.

Bravo Elti, very much endeavored. Glad you liked lyutichkata.

Today is cooked by my husband:-) Can not dignify it with a new photo. It was very tasty.

And I give an excellent recipe.

I'm glad you like it.