Chicken with cashew nuts (Cashew chicken)

Submitted by enr on 15 Jan 2014
500 g chicken - breasts
4-5 dried chili peppers
1 cup cashew
2-3 tbsp starch
2 cloves garlic
1 large onion
1 cup finely chopped green onions
5-6 tbsp sunflower oil
# For the sauce:
3 tbsp soy sauce
4 tbsp oyster sauce (oyster sauce) or fish sauce (fish sauce)
1 tbsp sugar
pinch of black pepper
Chicken with cashew nuts (Cashew chicken)
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Chicken meat cut into chunks that are well rolled in starch and then shake off excess. Chile peppers are cut into large pieces 2-3 cm in length, with the seeds removed. Chop into crescents. Products for the sauce mix in a bowl and stir to dissolve the sugar. In a skillet or wok to heat 4 tbsp sunflower oil over medium heat. In the fat first put chili peppers to saute - it becomes very quickly for a few seconds, change their color and become aromatic (be careful not to Zagora). Remove the peppers and put in bowl. In the same fat poured cashews and fry gently - to catch a golden tan. Nuts are removed and placed in the pod. Again in the same fat (if you add another 1-2 tbsp) fry the meat until ready. And it is removed and put in cashews and chilitata. In a clean pan, wok or saucepan heat 1 tbsp sunflower oil (moderately high heat). First put the garlic and fry until golden, then add the onion and fry until and slightly soft. Add the sauce and stir for ten seconds, then put the meat, nuts and chili - mix for about half a minute. Finally, put green onion, stir again and remove from fire. Serve hot with steamed rice, jasmine best. * In general, the recipe is cooked in a wok, but it successfully and in a skillet and saucepan. * fried products can to put on paper towels after deduction to absorb some of the fat.
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15 Jan 2014
Maliwan Thai Cooking Class


Neville is a great recipe! Been meaning to prepare something Thai - I have a book for Thai cuisine, but I'm not sure how successful recipes. I could not find dried chili peppers and replaced them with some ground chili flakes. However, the result is as!

I am very glad that you liked the recipe, we are big fans of Thai cuisine and cashew chicken is a favorite of Paul :) If there is somewhere around you Asian store, I'm sure there will sell dried peppers bags (is smaller cuts).