Chicken with mushrooms and white borscht

Submitted by enr on 24 Jun 2010
White borscht powder packet of 500 ml water (or other light cream soup powder)
1 boiled chicken
150 g mushrooms
2 sprigs fresh garlic
1 full tsp butter
pepper, salt
150 g rice
Chicken with mushrooms and white borscht
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If the package dry mix for 1 liter of water - used only half. Stir dry mixture with 500 ml cold water and boil on low heat 4-5 minutes. Mushrooms cut into small pieces and together with the garlic and cook for 7-8 minutes in a microwave or stove. Meat cut into cubes and added together with the butter to the mushrooms and garlic. Pour in borscht. Add the rice. Boil on low heat from time to time make up water. The dish is seasoned with pepper, salt and dill. Even more comforting is if presented with cheese and olives.
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24 Jun 2010


What is' White borscht? * For the first time I meet this designation. Something like packets soups you?

I am making mammita - / t. I was somewhere in the houses around the cabinets / dry soup of wild mushrooms - very fragrant, but I think that the package indicated water was less quantity. What is written on the package - this dry mixture what's inside - dried vegetables? Because Kaufland Varna - something no longer see very dry mixes brand mammita.

Excuse me, would you like to write what you wrote on the front of the package?

There onion, garlic, oregano extract, pickles, white pepper, potato starch, flavoring and the like.

Very tasty dish. Dry mixture of white borscht is very fragrant. Slightly changed the technology and put the rice, but it hardly changed dramatically taste. Add photos. Thanks for the recipe - it quickly and most importantly (repeat) delicious.

Eeeeeeeeeeeee, Elti how you rig it only ... Very tasty picture and I will try without rice;)

Well, how - just like the photo:-)

Sounds tasty, add to favorites and soon will try.

Nowhere can I find such a white borscht, and I wanted exactly such a try, a hint where I can buy?

I bought it from Kaufland. Every time I get in one packet to have a reservation;)

Thank you very much, I searched in Carrefour and other chains, but no, today will walk Kaufland to buy.

tasty get really white borscht is aromatic. I put very little rice, not even felt that it has. At the end I added 1 small pot of sour cream, and then sweep up everything for 5 minutes. Thanks for the good recipe.

Nelale, I'm glad that you liked the recipe, and very beautifully presented.