Chicken wings with mayonnaise

Submitted by enr on 24 Sep 2011
2 kg chicken wings
200 g mayonnaise
spices of your choice
Wings are cooked with spices. Allow to cool and wings are coated with mayonnaise well. Each wing is to add some breadcrumbs. Arrange in a baking dish, which was previously placed baking paper (providing binding). Crisp does not spread with nothing (butter, sunflower oil, margarine, etc.), Nor pour water. Bake in preheated oven strongly until golden.
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24 Sep 2011


This MIGHT will steal it! Will happen with the legs, and white meat. And a rich salad season!

tillia I tried leg, but it is not as good as with wings. Obviously many meat and can not take so well mayonnaise and spices!

Dari, thank you for the recipe is great! Unfortunately, you are no longer among us, and we can not share more recipes! Rest in peace!

Milena, what are you talking about? That's amazing!

Aw, very young girl.

This is the girl who died in Varna, after *routine* surgery tonsils! Very unpleasant event, so young - my condolences to the friends and family!

I also offer condolences! I am truly sorry for the misfortune!

condolences and me! So young!

Thank you, it was and will always be my little sister! Many like to cook, there are many recipes, I open my notebook and get some! But for now still pull together to do it!

Milena, sincerely sympathize with you! Whatever you say will not relieve your pain, but I hope to give you support. Be strong, my dear!

Sincere condolences from me!

condolences from me :( poor girl ... :(

Sincere condolence, very sorry for your loss.