Chinese fortune cookies

Submitted by enr on 10 Jun 2010
2 egg whites
60 g of powdered sugar
40 g flour
25 g butter
1 vanilla
Chinese fortune cookies
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Whip snow. Was added in portions powdered sugar, stirring continuously. Add the soft butter and vanilla and mix briefly. Parts flour is added while stirring with a spoon. Heat the oven to 180 C. On small pieces of paper are written wishes and fold. On a sheet of baking paper outlines three rounds using a cup. The paper is placed in the tray. With a teaspoon is taken from the dough, pour on each round and smoothed. Biscuits bake until lightly browning (about 7 minutes). Using a knife carefully removed from the paper biscuits. On each biscuit is placed fortune. The biscuits are folded close to 2, then optional 4. You have to work fast, while the biscuits are still hot.
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10 Jun 2010


Very original and very beautiful! Will someday impress my friends with this idea of ​​a cup of coffee. Thanks, melek! The pictures are great.

really very original.

Today I made these cookies for a special occasion - I was invited to the bread for a newborn. Inside the cookies wishes to put baby. So each guest, opening cookie spoke and lust, which was hidden in it. Just like the Fates. Once again Bravo to melek proposal. And taste is great.

But I think to do for New Year fortune cookies :) How much out of this amount mixture?

And how long is nice to stand before consumption? How to store?

Sunny, do not remember exactly how many cookies are received. Over 20 pcs. were. Once completely cooled and solidified are ready for consumption. Store them in a box.

Sunny, I also do not remember how many came in number, but remember that they were very tasty:-) When baking very careful, because only slightly burned them and then break in flexure. Your idea for Christmas is a great fortune (and I can not use it).

Jump melt in the mouth. Today, without luck. I made them as small biscuit *Cat's tongue* because I needed to fix the vision of a cake.