Christmas moons

Submitted by enr on 21 Oct 2009
300 g flour
180 g butter, room temperature
100 g ground nuts
150 g chocolate spread
150 g sugar
1 vanilla
optional - a pinch of ground cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger
100 ml warm water
150 g dark couverture chocolate for decoration
Christmas moons
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Mix the flour, sugar, nuts, vanilla and spices eventually. Stir well. Insert the butter into cubes and triturated. Add chocolate (may slightly warmed) and kneaded. Pour the hot water and was kneaded again (with the addition of water becomes sticky dough, it is the goal). Messi to the recovery of the original texture. The dough is left for 30-40 minutes in the refrigerator (if you lift the sides of the bowl in which the kneading, the dough is cooled quickly and evenly). Heat oven to 180 C (fan 160). Formed into rolls, about 2-3 cm thick. Cut off 1-2 cm. Of pieces by rubbing the palms form freckles, their edges curl. Arrange in pan on baking paper. Bake about 10 minutes and leave to cool completely. melted couverture in a water bath. If too thick, it can add butter. The tops of the cookies are dipped in hot coating and the cookies are returned on paper until glaze is set. * Baking time depends on the size of the cookies. 1-2 minutes more or less. * to me got 83, just 2 trays. If you bake a fan can be scorched both.
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21 Oct 2009
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Explanation Image of the score - Photo of the moons is on the website of the company - manufacturer of flour. I did moons, let them cool down and went to work. When I came back there was not one! My son and his friends had them eat up:-) So I put the image of the net - so should look ready.

Another yummy. Bravo Aliana :) May & you have the problem of rapidly disappearing food :)

Aliana marvelous are sweet. I do like Christmas, but with small changes really are gorgeous.

May began to smell of Christmas!

Pepi, how do you do? Ina - yes, here 3 weeks already selling Christmas sweets and typical food - stollen, marzipan, etc. We were still in short sleeves, starting ... Fanny, it is lately, nothing remains of the day - they eat as llamas (if they liked December ...)

You see what happens when I start to prepare something immediately find helpers :)

Aliana, let the recipe for these rings, which I do.

Great recipe. I did it, and freckles were superb. Bravo Aliana! Only that I had to add a little more flour to make the dough.

Sevgi, I'm glad that you liked! :-)) How have to add? Or significantly within the *normal* deviations? I wonder why, as measured with the scale on the recipe and were properly ... Important that you saved the situation, you can liquid chocolate have been more rare.

It may have been from the liquid chocolate. But it does not matter. The important thing is that the recipe is successful and very very tasty :)

strange to me that there is no raising agent! Aliana, is it not necessary?

No, dear, no raising agent. This is shortbread, less *advanced* less *rich*, but still shortbread :) No need for raising agent.

Thanks for the quick response! For a change this year I decided to bypass Gingerbread Christmas cookies and chose your recipe!

Honey, Aliana, thank you for the wonderful recipe! Only the fear of failure and ignorance of the recipe made me added to the dough and coffee spoon baking powder (just in case :)! I wish from my heart Magic Christmas holidays!

iris, very glad that sweet are your taste :) The picture is great!