Milk stew with peppers

Submitted by enr on 24 May 2010
4 large fleshy peppers or peppers Sivria 8-10
100 g feta cheese
2 tbsp flour
600 ml milk
4-5 tbsp sunflower oil
Milk stew with peppers
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Cut the peppers into rings or otherwise optional. Smash the feta cheese and roll them in flour. Fry or stew peppers in the oil for about 4-5 minutes, adding flour feta cheese and confusion. Pour milk (can use water), confusion nice and leave to simmer over low heat until soft peppers and obtain the desired density of the stew. Finally add salt, according to the salinity of the feta cheese. The meal can be consumed cold.
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24 May 2010


very suitable for summer heat, although I saw the title I thought of the dish with peppers and tomatoes that my grandmother did. Required will cook it to my family, when we start to pick our peppers.

@ gabi_2000, perhaps misleading title, will try to replace it with a more appropriate!

This cooked meal I like. And can you instead of milk to try to sour, as for example it adds finally?

@ magicekova, I have not tried with yogurt, but I think it might work :) Try and share!

Very fast, easy and delicious dish. We ate it with great pleasure and hot and cold, and I even I did my sandwiches ready mix - stuffing hem, hem sauce.

Pavel, I am very glad that you liked the. I adore her cold!

Very tasty yahniyka!

I do such a dish with peppers, but we call it a mess. The only difference is that you put cheese, but next time will try and so will probably be very tasty. I think with fresh milk gets better with yogurt changing taste.

Yes, definitely with milk is better. My mother also called it a mess, but I decided to put it a little more so :)

I wondered what ate lunch and came across this recipe. Now he will stir up a poultice and opines:)

Sunny, fair to say even then I was unpleasantly surprised without the basic product and do not get out to the market. I was totally excluded for the recipe .. BUT! Tomorrow will stir up a cooked meal and write!

I love this cooked meal, which I know from my grandmother, but I do without cheese. Another difference is that put a little red pepper before milk. And I call it a mess! ;-) Tonight will try with Cheese, I'm sure I'll like it! :)

Super obtained with the cheese! Thanks for the idea! :)

mimina, I'm glad you liked it :)