Coconut cake Emira

Submitted by enr on 09 Jun 2010
# For the base:
100 ml milk
100 ml sunflower oil
120 g sugar
1 cup flour
egg 1
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp powdered chocolate
1 vanilla
1 tsp baking powder
# For coconut cream:
500 ml coconut milk
200 g sugar
150 g butter
200 g coconut
6 tbsp semolina
# For the chocolate glaze:
150 ml coconut milk
200 g dark chocolate
90 g butter
5 tbsp sugar (or to taste)
1 tbsp sunflower oil
Coconut cake Emira
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Base: egg mix with sugar and vanilla. Add milk and flour mixed with cocoa, chocolate powder and baking powder. Mix, add the oil and mix again. Pour the mixture into paper covered baking form and bake in preheated oven at 180-190 C until ready (by checking with a toothpick). Finished base to cool. Coconut cream, milk, sugar and soft butter is heated, stirring to melt the sugar and the butter. Add semolina and stirring continuously, boil to thicken. Add coconut, stir and cool slightly. Coconut cream is poured onto the base and is allowed to cool completely. Chocolate glaze: Milk and sugar are heated to melt the sugar. Add the chopped butter and the broken chocolate. Stir to melt the butter and chocolate. Add the oil, stirred thoroughly and cooled slightly. Pour cake with icing, smoothed and cooled to tighten the glaze. With a knife cake is removed from the walls of the form, take off the edge and garnish optional.
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09 Jun 2010


Very interesting proposal. Bravo. Only smell the aroma of coconut :) Goes favorites.

Thank Elti. Several times during the night I got up to cakes:-)

:))) Well I am very amused, melek. So you had a sleepless night. And I'm a big fan of sweet and here as delve into the site still find some things such irresistible ... And so I want to put a little diet. I suggest renaming recipe *Coconut nights* (just kidding). Will try it mandatory and will write.

Elti to keep diet should not enter the site:-)

He and I have such a cake in the fridge and I'll bezzanna night. :) Congrats on the cake. My husband is a fan of coconut and someday it ianenadam.

Today I made the cake. Is divine. Very aromatic and great combination of flavors. Who loves coconut, will remain fascinated. Put a picture. Just to say that I made half a dose to eat and not to leave in the fridge for the night :)))

:-) Mine did not last long in the fridge:-) The picture is great.

Thank you. Now I know why not kept in the refrigerator for a sleepless night also understand:-). It is really delicious. Congratulations to the recipe. Put and evaluation, I missed.

Emmy delicious temptation. And with my coconut man certainly will not sleep because it loves. Well summer is so overwhelm us with delicious temptations, but how to diet began as ever suggest neustoymi delicious cuisine.

Girls May have to rename the cake: a sleepless night before the refrigerator:-)