Submitted by enr on 10 Jun 2010
Roundabout 100 g butter
150 ml milk
egg 1
1 tsp salt
7 tbsp sugar
1 vanilla
600 g flour
2 tsp dry yeast
3-4 tbsp cocoa
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In a bowl put sugar, salt and the butter. Warm milk and pour into the bowl. Mix well, until the butter is melted. Add beaten egg, vanilla, flour and yeast. Kneaded is kneaded and divided into two balls. One ball to add cocoa and mix it again until it becomes brown. Then, the white and brown ball was divided into 4-5 smaller and each roll. Are arranged one over the other, alternating white and brown sheet. Top lightly with a rolling pin. The resulting thicker crust rolled up, which is cut into rings. They shall be placed in a suitable container for baking. Bake in preheated oven for about 30 minutes. * The original name in source Cake Rollercoaster.
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10 Jun 2010
Culinary Journal number 5/2010


Very beautiful!No words .....:-) Well done!

Oh, no mercy - these delicacies ....... Very beautiful picture. Bravo. Just ask the yeast in heated milk you put?

Thank you. I made the correction, I apologize for netochnosta.

Original is! Congratulations! But why the name is *Cake*? Somehow does not fit shown.

I do not know Why do a cake! Under this title was published in Culinary journal, and I wants me to change it.

Bravo! It is very cool. Already in favorites.

appearance enjoys eyes and stimulates appetite. Ivalina, thanks for original and delicious recipe, and well arranged picture!

freshly baked them, use baking powder because I had dry yeast, were super and the look and taste, tomorrow will obviously draw :)

Incredibly beautiful sweet. How I miss them. Orginal and supposedly very tasty. Weekends will try. Thanks for the great recipe.

I am very glad that you like.

became very tasty and crunchy! Next time I will do a double dose :)

Now I do them ... Double dose :)

Ive very delicious sweet! I put more cocoa and a little lemon juice. I made them only 2 sheets that do not stretched :)

photo is a great Emir. I am glad that you liked!

Wonderful pictures that immediately made me put my recipe to Favorites. I love these sweet!

photos are great! Now we will try the recipe and hope to become as delicious as they look! :)

At the moment, bake, I can only say that one of the chocolate dough became dry, and therefore tudno for rolling out. I hope they are delicious.

feel good-looking, but very dry and almost tasteless ...

Sunny, sorry, that was not received :( I once prepekoh them and become hard.

I just tried the recipe. I think the mixture should be split up to put the flour, because when then add cocoa (it is also a kind of flour) cocoa dough ball becomes harder. I made them with peas and brown the sugar less distinctly roll, but still tasty.

Let the dough becomes solid cocoa. I am glad that they were delicious.