Cookies Pohlupacheta

Submitted by enr on 09 Jan 2011
280 g flour
120-150 g of sugar
140 g butter
3 yolks
3 tbsp milk or water
pinch of salt
Decorating - melted chocolate, coconut, ground walnuts, sugar Sticks and others.
Cookies Pohlupacheta
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Mix the flour with a pinch of salt, sugar and vanilla. Add the cold butter into pieces and crushed hands. Add the egg yolks and milk or water. Blended into a smooth dough and put in a plastic bag. The dough was cooled in a refrigerator for an hour. Roll out between two sheets of floured (baking or solid polyethylene) thin crust (3-4 mm). With a cup shape or cut circles. Apart form thin fitilcheta for handles. Rolls up rice paper or baking paper to roll. The handles are placed on the paper roll and attached to the base. Important - do not press hard because after baking will be printed as a paper roll. Top can be smeared lightly with beaten egg-white. The oven was heated to 170C and placed in a preheated oven. Bake 10 minutes. Still warm is arranged with chocolate drops that heat melt slightly and glued themselves. After cooling them doukrasyavat optional. Served to cups with coffee, milk, juice or another.
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09 Jan 2011


Many are spectacular these cookies! Several times already see them and I can not check on them, very skillfully and purely made. Thanks for the nice idea:-)

Great are these cookies :) Tomorrow I try them

Super. Great idea. A real surprise for all hot drinks.

very well received cookies, I added them and cinnamon

Zore, made them great!

Zori, your sweet look very good, as the site from which I took the recipe. I saw them there and very impressed so I decided to share the recipe with you. Once again congratulations for the excellent performance of Zori.

Thank you for your praise :)

are very karasivi ... elim- will shrigotvya ...

Thanks for the great idea!

I put my photos and I, but the recipe for the dough for gingerbread. I had guests and they were very very surprisingly positive. Thanks for the good recipe.

are interesting but tricky for me at least, may be made by any dough for cookies, greeting Tanya I have excellent, I have not shown them but I'm sure what will be their reaction!

steffanell, congratulations, very original. Thanks for the recipe, I will try it myself.

It was very funny reaction of my guests, with bulging eyes as they serve your coffee with pohlupache not eat them and returned them to her purse to use them every day! Pohlupacheta these are great!

Very original! Congratulations to the author ..